If Re-elected…

If re-elected, in the next term I will focus on the following issues, always with an enhanced level of citizen engagement, with citizens, advisory councils, neighborhoods, and town halls.

District wide,

I will seek ways to provide educational facilities and teachers for a growing student population by:

Considering investments in K-12 and in pre-school and beyond grade twelve education.
  • Supporting the CATEC, PVCC, and Piedmont workforce network for skills based education

I will pursue enhancements in recreational activities.

For the rural areas, I will focus on efforts to:

  • Continue to enhance public safety on the roadways and in our rural residential areas, with road improvements, enforcement for speeding, and investments in public safety officers to enhance community policing.
  • Work with residents and property owners of the country crossroads villages, Earlysville, Free Union, and White Hall, to define and encourage reuse of historic buildings for desired rural businesses.
Find ways with watershed partners to improve water quality of our streams and rivers, for recreational and wildlife uses, and to protect the drinking water in the South Fork Reservoir.
  • Work with community members to support and improve facilities for our splendid Earlysville and Crozet Volunteer Fire companies and the Western Albemarle Rescue Squad.

In the Crozet growth area, I will focus on efforts to:

  • Push for safety enhancements needed on roadways throughout the district.
  • Step up delivery of safety improvements along 250 near Radford Lane to slow traffic and prevent fatalities.
  • Connect sidewalks and trails throughout downtown to protect pedestrians traveling to work, to shop, or to play.
  • Consider the commercial district along Three Notch’d (rt 240) for next step streetscape improvements.

I will continue to support street connections:

  • Extend Library Avenue to Park Side.
  • Connect Westhall and Park Road to Three Notch’d.

The development of roads with sidewalks and bike lanes will provide safe route choices and relieve the heavy traffic on the Tabor and Park Road neighborhoods. Many new neighborhoods were approved in the rapid expansion of 2004 to 2007, over four thousand dwelling units. About two thousand have been built to date, and these infrastructure improvements are overdue.

  • Cross Lickenhole Creek between Cory Farms and Westlake.
 The crossing is a long term goal for which funding is currently out of reach. The completion of Eastern Avenue to Three Notch’d with a crossing over or under the railroad at the Acme site is also essential and out of reach today.

Work with the wider community to inspire Crozet’s future – who will we be when we grow up?

  • Is the arts, artisans, music, agriculture, local food a niche? Some citizens think so.
  • What currently home-based businesses will outgrow the kitchen and be ready to move to work spaces in downtown? What other spaces are needed?
  • Identifying the community’s passions will enable funding and business success to occur.

Work with the county economic development office to facilitate the reuse of industrial properties in Crozet:

  • The JB Barnes lumber yard
  • The Acme Visible Records property, for example.
Citizens desire businesses with career ladder jobs, which build on the skills of our residents and whose owners value the county’s values, of the Crozet Master Plan, of natural resource protection, and of citizen involvement.

If the citizens of the White Hall district will rehire me, I will dedicate the next four years to your service and our future together.

Thank you. For Our Future,

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