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Issues, Accomplishments, and Current Work

Engaging citizens in County government has been a priority for me. From 2008-2022, I held 82 Town Hall meetings at various locations around the district. Covid restrictions limited in person meetings for two years, but we maintained connections online where … Continue reading

Protecting Natural Resources

Albemarle citizens have prioritized clean air, water quality, and protection of natural resources and biodiversity. Information I bring from the Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) of the EPA makes funding opportunities and technical assistance available to Albemarle; Continued to lead … Continue reading

Climate Change

It is no surprise to anyone that our rain storms are more ferocious, our heat or drought or freeze or blizzards are all more extreme. Albemarle County local government must plan for adaptation of operations and to assist citizens to … Continue reading

Emerging Chemicals – Safety and Regulation – PFAS

My work on the EPA Local Government Advisory Committee and its three subcommittees, air and climate, water quality, and emerging chemicals has educated me on the federal decision process and ways to access technical assistance and funding for Albemarle. The … Continue reading

Parks and Recreation

The mission of the parks and recreation department is to provide a unique system of parks, trails, and recreational experiences, while being superior stewards of the environment. During Covid closures, users of the trail systems and passive outdoor experiences soared … Continue reading

Data Centers

Albemarle leadership should address the impacts of potential data centers on our local environment, residents, and economy. We should not leave the issue unaddressed, especially in the comprehensive plan and zoning updates which are in process now. Our topography and … Continue reading

Comprehensive Plan Update – Place Matters

2023-2024 will be an important time for all residents to participate fully in the review and adoption of an updated comprehensive plan. Required by state law, the “comp plan” is the backbone for decision making in local government, from the … Continue reading

Quality of Life and Public Safety for Rural Area Residents

I will continue my efforts to enhance public safety on the roadways and in our rural residential areas with road improvements, enforcement for speeding, and investments in public safety officers to enhance community policing. Speeding is the topic of the … Continue reading

Crozet Community Growth – Roads, Schools, and Affordable Housing

The first Crozet Master plan was adopted in 2005, before I became a Supervisor. Crozet residents wanted predictability and planning in the face of advancing development. The Crozet Master Plan is still the living guide for development in the growth … Continue reading

Promoting Local Farms and our Agricultural Community 

As the operator of a grassfed beef to consumer farm in Albemarle for more than 40 years, I am particularly invested in ensuring that our farms continue to thrive. I have strengthened agriculture and forestry activities County-wide through clarification of … Continue reading

Enhancing Economic Development in the County

I have worked to promote growth of local businesses and increase the number of new jobs in the County, while adhering to adopted planning principles and the citizen-generated Comprehensive Plan. Supported the development and adoption of Project ENABLE, a Strategic … Continue reading

Improving Public Safety

I have championed increased funding and support for the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, and the volunteer and paid Fire and Rescue Departments. I have worked to protect our combined emergency service system that brings together volunteers and paid staff … Continue reading

Preserving the History of Albemarle’s People and Special Places

Historic places define and distinguish our community, create connections to our heritage, and as a native of Albemarle County, they hold a special place in my heart. Continue to work with members of historic rural parishes and communities to increase … Continue reading