Crozet Community Growth – Roads, Schools, and Affordable Housing

The first Crozet Master plan was adopted in 2005, before I became a Supervisor. Crozet residents wanted predictability and planning in the face of advancing development. The Crozet Master Plan is still the living guide for development in the growth area, and work on the next revision is beginning in September.

  • The first Crozet Master Plan projected a population of 24,000. I worked with Crozetians on the 2010 Master Plan revision, and championed reducing the projected population for Crozet from 24,000 to 16,000;
  • I have ensured that the decision-making process for development is deliberative and based upon adopted policy, opposing developments that are contrary to the Master Plan, especially on the fringes of the growth area;
  • I advocated for a planning process that requires a community meeting before development applications begin a County process;
  • I led the effort to secure funding for, and to build, the new Crozet Library, which opened in 2013. It was first approved in 1988;
  • I have made sure that the following projects were completed:  Library Avenue, the two Crozet Avenue Streetscapes, Jarman’s Gap Road sidewalks and bike lanes, sidewalks to Crozet School, the new Plaza design, and the new Jaunt Connect commuter service to Charlottesville;
  • I have worked closely with fabulous Crozet boards, including:  Crozet Community Advisory Committee, Crozet Community Association, Downtown Crozet Initiative, Crozet Trails Crew, and the Claudius Crozet Park Board;
  • I have supported efforts to increase the number of affordable housing units in the County, and to provide tax relief to older homeowners. I support our partnership program with Habitat for Humanity in Wickham Pond;
  • I am working with the County staff to speed up funding for the design and construction of a new eastern connector road over Lickinghole Creek. This road is my biggest Crozet priority, as we desperately need another north-south connection between Route 250 and Route 240;
  • I am acutely aware of the impact of the growing population on our schools. I encourage the School Board to acquire accurate growth projections to better direct capital funds for school expansion while keeping the impact on low income taxpayers to a minimum;
  • Work is needed to create equitable access and program opportunity for all students in all of our schools.
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