Promoting Local Farms and our Agricultural Community 

As a farmer in Albemarle for more than 35 years, I am particularly invested in ensuring that our farms continue to thrive. I have strengthened agriculture and forestry activities County-wide through careful management of valuable land use programs.

  • Led the effort to ensure that our Land Use Tax Deferral Program is well managed, that anyone eligible for this program can use it, and that the County receives bi-annual compliance reporting from landowners. Proper management of the land use program is critical, to ensure the future of the program and the benefits it provides;
  • Guided a county-wide effort to simplify establishment of farmers markets and to allow on-farm and off-farm sales by producers;
  • Championed revised regulations for wineries, breweries, and event spaces, to prevent General Assembly interference in local public process;
  • Worked to find a balance between rural quality of life and events on farms and at wineries. Ongoing discussions with constituents are crucial in upcoming decisions;
  • In 2000, supported the development and implementation of the Acquisition of Conservation Easements Program (ACE), which purchases easements from willing sellers on a sliding income scale.
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