Quality of Life and Public Safety for Rural Area Residents

I will continue my efforts to enhance public safety on the roadways and in our rural residential areas with road improvements, enforcement for speeding, and investments in public safety officers to enhance community policing.

  • Worked with VDOT and citizens to replace the Advance Mills bridge;
  • Fought for a decade to convert two intersections near the airport to roundabouts, enhancing traffic flow and eliminating highway deaths in those areas;
  • Doggedly pursued traffic safety measures in the Earlysville area, with more work to do. Rumble strips, speed reduction, and tree trimming have been completed; permanent speed signs and County-funded improvements are in process.
  • I am a founding member and have been a leader in the Earlysville Area Residents League (EARL) for almost 40 years. We were the first citizen group to bring a resident survey to the County Supervisors in pursuit of neighborhood improvements;
  • I have worked with residents and property owners in our country crossroad villages to define and encourage reuse of historic buildings for desirable rural businesses.
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