Cville Tomorrow: Mallek announces campaign…

With the new Crozet Library as a background, Earlysville Democrat Ann H. Mallek announced Tuesday that she will seek a third term on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

“I truly enjoy the citizen interactions, the challenging issues and working to find the middle to achieve small steps of progress,” Mallek said.

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Announcement 2015

Dear Citizens of the White Hall district,

I have been honored to represent you in local government for the last four years and I ask for your support as I seek re-election in November 2015. Representing you is a joyful challenge, as you are the most engaged citizenry in the county.  Having so many of you sharing your interests and concerns helps maintain our quality of life.  I can be most effective when a team of citizens is working along with me. Thank you.

Why do I seek another term? I would like to continue because I enjoy working with others to provide solutions and connecting people to those tasked with solving specific problems.  Achieving small successes on a local level, conversing with citizens in the grocery or at a board meeting, working with board colleagues with different perspectives – all are ways that I enjoy serving on the Board of Supervisors.

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Welcome to the 2015 Campaign

Press Announcement 2015

It has been an honor and a joy to represent residents of the White Hall district for the last four years. I truly enjoy the citizen interactions, the challenging issues, and working to find the middle to achieve small steps of progress. We, as a community, do not have success on the fringes of opinion; we succeed when people of different viewpoints gather to find what the majority can support.

After more than thirty years of active service in Albemarle – on the farm, in the classroom, at many committee tables, and seven plus years on the Board of Supervisors – I announce today that I am running for re-election for the White Hall district seat on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors.

I would like to highlight four areas of accomplishment during the last term:

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If Re-elected…

If re-elected, in the next term I will focus on the following issues, always with an enhanced level of citizen engagement, with citizens, advisory councils, neighborhoods, and town halls.

District wide,

I will seek ways to provide educational facilities and teachers for a growing student population by:

Considering investments in K-12 and in pre-school and beyond grade twelve education.
  • Supporting the CATEC, PVCC, and Piedmont workforce network for skills based education

I will pursue enhancements in recreational activities.

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Recent discussion about Route 29 Improvements

If you seek background and information about the decision process for road improvements, read my Response to Smart29 suggestions.