Re-Elect Ann Mallek on Nov 5th!

Ann Mallek speaks at the county office building

Local politics has a powerful influence on your everyday quality of life. I believe in the structure of local government. I believe in public service and the fairness and voice it provides to ALL citizens.

I have experience delivering long-planned projects to completion, including the Crozet Library, Airport Roundabout, Jarmans Gap Road, Advance Mills Bridge, and many others. I have brought more than $40 Million in projects, delivered and in process, to the White Hall district.


Ann with family

Albemarle County is well managed financially, one of only 47 counties in the 3000+ in the US with a triple AAA bond rating for six years. Albemarle has received the Government Finance Officers Assoc’s highest level award for more than 15 years. These are indicators that taxpayer money is spent carefully and accounted for. 

Don’t be misled – the ‘rain tax’ is over and not coming back. And I have protected land use for more than 12 years. Farming is my family’s legacy here too.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5. Join us to protect the future of this wonderful place we live. 

Learn about the Issues.

I ask for your vote on Nov 5th!

Accessible · Experienced · Reliable
Engaging citizens for a better Albemarle.

Paid for and authorized by Ann Mallek for Supervisor/Kate Mallek, Treasurer. 

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